Going RAW with Capture One Pro

A common theme among professional photographers is shooting images in RAW format. RAW format is the image produced by the camera's CMOS sensor. A RAW image processing software is required to create the final image. There are many RAW image processing software available in the industry. The most common choice is Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw. Both use the same RAW processing engine.

Another more conventional program with the use of medium format cameras is Capture One Pro, created by Phase One. A lot of professionals do not realize that a medium format camera is not a requirement to use Capture One Pro. A 35mm DSLR camera can is used with Capture One Pro.

Image Quality

Images directly out of the camera when compared to Adobe Lightroom, just look better in Capture One Pro. Images show excellent color, contrast, and fine details with any combination of camera or lens. Subjectively the software also gives truer skin tones and overall balance.

Customized Workspaces

A screen shot of the Adobe Lightroom interface, an image of Gideon Connelly shown from a previous shoot last year.

Capture One Pro allows for complete customization of Workspaces and allows saving of predefined Workspaces. Multiple different Workspaces, depending on the artists' workflow procedures is a breeze in Capture One Pro. The ability granted to remove and add the necessary tools that the artist would use, for the specific task.

Color Editor

The Color Editor in Capture One Pro allows for professional color editing that is video quality. Color grading is a tool most used in movies and video projects. With Capture One Pro it offers an immersive amount of color tools to get the job done. Along with the Color Editor, there is a Skin Editor tool to fine tune even the most dramatic of skin tone errors.

A screen shot of the Capture One Pro interface, an image of Gideon Connelly shown from a previous shoot last year.

A few examples of why Capture One Pro should be the first choice for RAW image processing. But the real difference is the comparison of the actual photographs.

There is more LIFE to the images from various different factors. The color, saturation, depth, noise reduction, and detail. I'm please with what this RAW image processor's engine is doing to create these amazing images.

Consider making the switch today! You won't regret any minute of that decision.