Behind-the-Scenes: Gideon Connelly

Model: Gideon Connelly

Location: Fort De Soto in St. Pete, FL

Clothing: MojoMan Swimwear & Clothing

About the model

Gideon Connelly at the age of 21, a motorcycle accident took part of his left leg. His foot was severed at the Achilles tendon, and his knee and right arm were snapped in half. That was in 2011. Today, nothing stops Gideon. He’s an American National Guard staff sergeant and an entrepreneur. With a prosthetic leg, he continues to train for track-and-field events, and has an impressive post-accident ability to reach finish lines.

Connelly has been featured on book covers, printed publications, and advertisements. He is always moving and traveling the country for different events. Originally from Baltimore, but currently lives in Tampa, Florida.

In 2014, at the Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, he ran the 200-meter dash in 29.4 seconds. At the Invictus Games in 2016, he ran 100 meters in 13.46 seconds, and 27.48 seconds in the 200-meter competition. At the 2016 Paralympic Nationals, he ran 12.9 seconds in 100 meters and in the 200-meter race, he ran 27.2 seconds.

Connelly will be a person to keep an eye on! Be sure to check him out on Social Media:

Facebook: Gideon Connelly

Instagram: @gideoncon