PAPER - App Review

The app is created by a company called 53, Paper is a multifunctional app that can be used by professionals in many different industries. The application itself is a free app, available in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad devices. There are several additional items that can be purchased, to enhance the Paper application experience.

Paper is always ready

The application allows you to type notes; swipe right to create checklists, left to create titles. You can also import photos to draw on them or spotlight details. And lastly to create sketches that will allow you to complete with sharp diagrams, charts, and drawings with various tools. The application has a beautiful and sophisticated design.

 Image from  FiftyThree Blog

Image from FiftyThree Blog

Become a Paper Patron

In December, a new program was started called Paper Patron where users pay $5.99 USD (every six months) for premium features. Paper is still completely free to use. All of the previous Paper features are available to everyone. The company plans to release exclusive features only to subscribers. The newest exclusive feature is copy and paste a selected region to other pages.

Individual Books

The Paper application allows for multiple mini books to be created with drawings, text, and photos in each. The application allows for customized designs based upon the particular topic for the mini book. The possibilities are endless as to what can be created in Paper, and the individual mini books can be shared as the complete set, or individual pages.

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Pencil – The stylus for everyone

The Pencil stylus was created to work collaboratively with the Paper application. The Pencil is the most natural and expressive way to create on iPad and iPhone. The features of the Pencil include surface pressure, erase, blend, and adaptive palm rejection.

The Pencil was designed in the shape of a carpenter pencil, and has been used by builders and makers for centuries. Under normal use the Pencil will last for around a month, and can be charged via a USB port in under 90 minutes. Pencil can also be used with other third-party applications using the FiftyThree SDK.

Application Pros

  • Beautiful and simplistic design
  • Creative freedom
  • Pencil stylus
  • Free application

Application Cons

  • App usability, takes a while to learn the application
  • Costs for basic functions, with not enough features for paid patrons
  • Not compatible with Apple Pencil
 Image from  FiftyThree Blog

Image from FiftyThree Blog

You can learn more about Paper at the FiftyThree Website: and more about Pencil stylus:

Wish App

For most Public Relation professionals, we don’t wear a singular hat. With the advancement of technology and social media we have changed our job description. The requirements of the job have expanded far beyond the reach of the normal considerations, when thinking about a career in PR. The perfect app would include the ability to manage projects, create a timeline, balance social media tools and posts, and jot down ideas at a moment’s notice.

The particular app in my mind would create a one-stop shop for the PR professional. It would grant the ability to have some different platforms in one place. PR professionals maintain the image and essence of the brand, and we communicate with the general public. In a crisis situation, handling the situation is critical at a moment’s notice. The ability to create a file based on the client that we are working for and keep everything in a “client bundle” would be ideal.

From what I have learned right now we have multiple different apps and platforms that we would use on a daily basis to complete the job. There is not anything on the market that would allow for a singular place to handle everything. That would be my application, that would change the face of the PR position.