Business Updates for 2018


New Session Pricing Effective Feb 1,2018!

For my visitors and potential clients, I have made some changes to my session pricing. The session pricing has been adjusted to be more competitive within my current operating market and will be going forward effective for all new sessions purchased.

It was under consideration for quite some time, and the goal is never to diminish the value of my work. But I wanted to allow for more affordable pricing to increase the amount of clients who can purchase professional photography. I've found other alternatives to lower my operating costs, which can provide for the accommodations of lowering my session pricing.

I would like to ensure everyone that the quality, creativity, time, energy, and effort put into my work will not change! The work will remain absolutely the same that you would expect from me. I appreciate each and every client that I've had the pleasure of working with. Lets make 2018 a good year for the both of us!

Portfolio Overhaul

As some of you know I have been reworking my portfolio, my brand, my logo, and my retouching techniques. Countless hours has been spent in my creative process to try something "new" and see where that leads me. Thus far I'm very happy with the results and I will be updating the content on this website to reflect these new changes.

I still have a long way to go! But in every creative persons life there is a wake-up call and suddenly you seem to be hating everything you are making. Nothing seems to be living up to your expectations and disgustedly you walk away from the computer. This is how I have felt over the last couple of months and I have decided to make a change.

Going forward my work will change, my creative abilities will change, and my images will change. I am moving on the path forward, and I will not be looking back. Cheers to the future!

Book Cover License

I have managed to license an image for an author, BT Urruela in collaboration with his model CJ part of CJC Photography. I am honored to have been given the privilege to work with both of these individuals. Once the cover is designed and released I will be posting it to my blog.

8 other looks are also available for book covers, contact me if you would like access to see them! They are all really fantastic.

That is all for this particular update! I will have more soon.

- Vincent Alain