This page provides direct examples of concepts that we could incorporate into the photography session. The images on this page aren't my own images, but examples found online to determine possible concepts.

Dramatic Headshots

Looking to create dramatic headshots, with an eye pop and energy to make the overall portrait very intense. I always incorporate headshots into my sessions because they can always be used for your personal portfolio and social media.

Headshots are really important to have included with any portfolio because they can be used with so many different things.

Risqué Images | Implied Nudes

I usually do some concepts with more risqué images. I like the human anatomy to create visual movement, but always keep my images respectful and professional. I don't shoot porn, and do not use "porn" lighting. There is enough on the internet to last for years, so that isn't my style.

Implied nudes are considered nudes, but they won't show actual genital areas. They are hidden, covered, or darkened down with the lighting to mask these areas. It's considered "implied" because it is implied that the model is nude, but again not showing the genital areas.

I always discuss the concepts of the risqué images with my models to ensure that they are comfortable with the process, and these images are created in a private studio for more confortability.


Artistic Nudes

Artistic nudes are another concept of images that we can create for in-studio sessions. They are tasteful and artistic, I would use many different lighting set-ups and even colored gels to enhance the light. Again I don't shoot porn images, so the whole mood the the lighting and ambiance is darker and more sexy.

I utilize lighting techniques that will enhance the best features of the model, and ensure that they are focused to the overall goal of the photography session. Below is more examples of the Artistic Nude images, so you can have a better understanding of the way they look.

Digital Art

The last possibility is considering some Digital Art or Composite Images. These will be a various mix of different options both with and without clothing. Images are digitally enhanced and modified to create something else completely different. I've provided some examples below of the ways that we can create Digital Art or Composite Images.


There is a variance of images that give plenty of different ideas and concepts. I will discuss with you personally the options and choices that you are comfortable with shooting. I also want to provide a list of choices for clothing to bring with you.

What to bring? (not everything is necessary but recommended)

  1. V-Neck or Tee-Shirt
  2. Jeans
  3. Underwear/Swimwear
  4. Button-down Shirt
  5. Tank-Top
  6. Socks/Shoes
  7. Shorts
  8. Any props or extras that are a hobby, or something you would like to shoot with

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