Capstone Snapshot:

MojoMan Swimwear & Clothing

MojoMan Swimwear & Clothing, a retail business located in Orlando, FL. Opened the first retail location on April 1, 2012... It was no April Fool’s joke they brought sexy to Orlando. As a gay owned and operated business, they have thrived and in 2016, opened their second location. They carry over 250+ styles of swimwear, and over 200+ styles of underwear. The second location in Ivanhoe Village has a huge selection of gift items. The companies plan is to expand to a larger location within the next year and condense one of the other locations.

Captone Objectives

The goals of this capstone project is to increase the social following on Facebook and Instagram to 5,000 followers, increase brand awareness within the local community and surrounding areas, and build relationships with the local community that they serve. Several strategies will include creating custom curated content for social media platforms and the website. Increasing brand engagement on the social media platforms and website. And contact local media outlets for feature articles and promotion. The tactics that will be implemented are increasing the post visibility on social media by scheduling multiple posts per day on Facebook and Instagram. Utilize the brand ambassador positions to increase social media exposure. And creating custom content and videos for use on social media platforms and website.

MojoMan Swimwear and Clothing website and social media platforms will be monitored on a weekly basis and statistics will be tracked accordingly. If any strategy is not working, then direct adjustments will be made until they are successful.